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Your study of finance is by no means over with the completion of your finance major. No field, with the possible exception of the language of Latin, stops receiving new information. If you stop receiving information by not keeping abreast of new developments in the field of finance, over time, you may be seen as “out of touch” by your colleagues and people may think you are not serious about advancement in your career. If you become truly stagnant in your knowledge, you may even become a liability to your employer. You have invested too much time, too many resources, and most importantly, too much of yourself in pursuing and developing a career in finance to let that happen.

Fortunately, there are ways to remain informed about what is happening in the world of finance that do not involve becoming a perpetual student. If you become a member of a finance association, you will be able to network with other financial professionals and keep tabs on new developments in all aspects of finance. Both of these can only help your career. While it may be difficult to find time to network professionally, it is invaluable and definitely time well spent. You never know what unexpected turns your career may take. If you wait until you find yourself unexpectedly out of a job to nourish your network, it is too late to use it to your advantage. You need to maintain professional contacts while your career is going well and assist colleagues whenever you are able, no matter how busy you get.

One way to keep up with what is happening in the financial world is through reading and being familiar with the contents of financial journals. The Wall Street Journal should certainly be required reading as well, but your needs require something more in-depth and not readily available to the public at large.

The premier financial association in the United States is aptly named the American Finance Association. It was founded in 1939 and currently has over 8,000 members from all sectors of the financial industry and academic finance departments. They hold an annual meeting every January where papers that cover an extremely wide variety of financial topics are presented. Membership dues automatically include a subscription to the Journal of Finance, which publishes leading research across all major fields of finance. It is one of the most widely cited and respected journals of finance and economics in the world. It is published six times a year. In it you will find articles on topics such as individual stocks, bank capital theory, the tax benefits of debt, investment trading, mutual funds, foreign speculation, and agency problems with dividend policies.

The European Finance Association is open to financial professionals worldwide. You do not have to live in Europe to join. The goal of the European Finance Association is to provide a professional society for financial academics and those working in the private sector of the financial industry with an interest in financial management, financial theory, and its application. It provides a framework for better distribution of information at an international level in the interest of its members. There is an annual meeting held in August in a different European country each year. As a benefit of membership, members receive a subscription to the Review of Finance, the premier financial journal of Europe.

Your career is just like any other endeavor in life in that you will get out what you put in, both on a personal and professional level. If you take the time to network and stay informed of what is happening in the world of finance by becoming and staying well read, your career will flourish and it will be well worth the extra time and effort required.

Last Updated: 06/08/2014


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