Scholarships are also highly sought after in the college financial aid process because, like grants, scholarship aid does not have to be repaid. Scholarships are also typically less dependent on financial need than grant money, so the competition for scholarships is fierce.

The first place to look for scholarship aid is the college or university you plan to attend. You will generally be automatically considered for any scholarships you are eligible for once your application for admission is accepted. However, very few students obtain large awards directly from the university, so you will need to consider private scholarship sources when looking for avenues to fund your pursuit of a finance major.

Your high school will most likely offer a variety of scholarships, based on academic performance, financial need, high school extracurricular activities, your chosen career field, or a combination thereof. Be sure to file your applications in a complete and timely manner.

In addition to academic performance, scholarships are also available based on religious affiliation (or lack thereof; scholarships are also available for atheists and agnostics), acting, athletics, cancer survivors, single mothers, outstanding community service, students with disabilities, ethnic minorities, students interested in military service, adult students, women, writing, and many others. Scholarships for women and minorities are abundant.

The good news is that you probably qualify for a lot more in scholarship aid than you think you do. However, many scholarship opportunities are not well known or well publicized, which has both a positive and negative component. The upside is that since they are not well known or well publicized, there may not be much competition for them. The downside is that you may not know about them, either. Because it is virtually impossible to individually research all the scholarship opportunities out there, going to a scholarship search site, such as, is recommended. You will build an online profile, and will notify you of scholarships for which you are eligible based on your academic performance, test scores, class rank, grade point average, and extracurricular interests and achievements. There may or may not be a fee associated with signing up for these sites.

The best thing you can do, however, to obtain scholarships to help in paying for your finance degree, is to perform to the best of your ability in and out of the classroom. Scholarship committees (and colleges, for that matter) want applicants who are willing to put forth effort and work hard, because it can be an indicator of future success in college and in life.

Last Updated: 06/08/2014


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